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Project: Sparmatic
Opened sparmatic with ISP connector

Sparmatic is a thermostat that is relatively cheap and quite easy to mod. It costs from 13 to 25 EUR. It contains a simple AVR ATmega169/ATmega169PA. However, as there are different microcontrollers mentioned in the last sentence, there are several revisions of the device.

Alternative Firmware[Bearbeiten]

We are currently writing an alternative Firmware for one one of these revisions. You can get it by cloning this git repository:

git clone

(This repo might not have the latest state...)


  • Motor control:
    • Readout of the motor's rotation sensor (and counting)
    • Current measuring and automatic switch-off
    • return to home
    • move to specified position
  • Readout of the temperature sensor (including some calibration)
  • Some simple PI controller
  • LCD
    • Bargraph
    • Day row
    • 4 digit numbers (e.g. for temperatures, position counts...)
    • All symbols (mostly untested :)

Planned Features[Bearbeiten]

  • LCD
    • Convert characters to 14 segment display (if needed)
  • Onewire slave support
  • Buttons & Rotary encoder
  • Window open switch
  • Measurement and inclusion into regulation of return temperature (to get maximum efficiency of the heating)