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Here is a list of jobs you can do, if you want to contribute to the [[LED Cube]] Series.
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==Explanatory Articles==
* '''Write''' new explanatory articles and extend existing ones. For example:
** AVR Toolchain on different linux distributions, mac os, windows.
* The explanatory articles have to be '''proofread''':
** If you are a native speaker or very familiar with the language of the respective article, please correct any mistake you find.
** If you are experienced in the field of the respective article, try to fix errors and add additional explanation where you think it is necessary.
** If you are a beginner and currently trying to understand an article, point out where you think we should explain something differently.
* '''Translate''' the articles. They have been written in english to reach a wider audience, but the workshops are still held in Germany.
* '''Extend''' your cube and present the mods on a wiki page or your own website. Ideas for mods:
** SPI Memory for the ISP header to store much bigger animations. (If you are in Goettingen, ask Marvin to get the required components. He probably has them.)
** Linking of multiple cubes via a serial link. (Asynchronous, synchronous, whatever you want ;) )
** 3D VU-Meter
** Try to use the LEDs as inputs to program the cube. (You will have to check if this is possible... it might not be easy.)
* Create a '''bootloader GUI''' for Linux (Package it for some common distributions), Windows, Mac.
* Even better: Create a '''bootloader firefox plugin'''.

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