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Inventory :D

This set of pages lists the all the electronics related parts that are (or were) in stock. The purpose of this stock is to provide fast access to a small assortment of commonly needed parts, so you don't have to order them if you decide you want to hack something now. We would like to make the use of this stock as easy as possible. But before you do anything, please read this short introduction.

Update The Inventory Table![Bearbeiten]

As many of us are not that familiar with what is actually in those boxes, it is extremely comfortable to just search a wiki page for the part you need. If you add anything to or take anything from our stock, please update the corresponding amounts in inventory table. If you don't want to provide a photo or are unable to do so, ask someone with a 2wiki-enabled camera (e.g. Benutzer:Marvin).

Basically, there are three levels of accuracy:

  1. Accurate Numbers
  2. Estimations (~ or >)
  3. Values that are not yet determined (tbd)

If you are taking parts, please do not switch to a less accurate level (for example from estimated to tbd). If you add parts, you are free to reduce accuracy.

If a box is empty or nearly empty, please read about #Ordering.

Pay For Your Goods[Bearbeiten]

The initial stock has been set up by donations of very few people. The idea behind those donations were that if you take something, the space should be compensated by something of equal or higher value to reach several goals:

  • Ability to re-fill empty boxes
  • Extending the diversity
  • Ability to supply free parts for space-related projects

The minimum value of the compensation is determined using the prices listed in the inventory tables. Follow these rules if you want to get the price of a part:

  • The price of this part is listed: Pay at least this price
  • The price of this part is not listed, but a distributor is given: This means that we bought the part from this distributor. Please pay the price that is currently listed by the distributor. Add taxation if necessary.
  • The price of this part is not listed, but a distributor and the typical order quantity is given: Pay the price that is currently listed by the distributor for the given quantity. Add taxation if necessary.
  • The price of this part is listed as tbd: You should find a distributor that we typically order from, add it to the table and pay the listed amount. If you are unsure, talk to other space members about this.

If you want to compensate with other parts (or maybe tools) and you are not sure that those are actually going to be used in the space, ask first!

Inventory Categories[Bearbeiten]

or have a look at the full inventory page: Inventory/Full


Please have a look at Inventory/Meta/Ordering for ordering new stuff or refilling empty boxes.